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Essential Verb Practice

Posted by Roslyn Green in September 2022

The quizzes below provide practice with conjugating essential verbs, mastering regular conjugation, tackling the vowel-changing verbs, using the modal verbs, and finally, constructing four types of sentences.

Quiz: Conjugating and using sein – the verb to be

Learn the conjugation of this crucial verb and practise using it correctly in sentences.

Quiz: Conjugating and using haben – the verb to have

Learn the conjugation of this crucial verb and practise using it correctly in sentences.

Quiz: Two Important Verbs: haben (to have) and sein (to be)

Revisit the conjugation of both haben and sein and use the verbs in sentences.

Quiz: Using Three Verbs – kommen, wohnen and sprechen

Revise your knowledge of these three important verbs.

Quiz: Regular Verbs and Their Endings

Master the regular endings so that you can use thousands of verbs and nail every one.

Explanation: Regular Verb Conjugation

Crossword: Regular Verbs in German

Practise the regular endings of wohnen, kommen, machen, spielen and finden.

Explanation: Regular Verb Conjugation

Quiz: A Predictable Pattern: The Vowel-Changing Verbs

Practise using verbs like fahren, schlafen and lesen, which have a sneaky little mutated vowel in their stem.

Explanation: Vowel-Changing Verbs

Quiz: Conjugating werden and using it as a stand-alone verb

This quiz will allow to practise the conjugation of werden in both a conjugation table and in example sentences.

Explanation: werden

Quiz: Using Two Key Modal Verbs

Conjugate können and müssen and use them in sentences.

Explanation: Modal Verbs

Taming the Vowel-Changing Verbs 🦁

Dealing with the Vowel-Changing Verbs in German

Posted by Roslyn Green, September 2022

Bildlexikon – Picture Dictionary

helfen – to help

Er hilft seinem Freund.

→ He helps his friend.

fahren – to drive, ride, travel

Er fährt gern BMX.

→ He likes riding a BMX.

essen – to eat

Sie isst gern Eis.

→ She likes eating ice cream.

lesen – to read

Das Kind liest mit einer Taschenlampe.

→ The child is reading with a torch.

Non-Conformist Verbs

The vowel-changing verbs in German remind me of children who misbehave, but only at certain predictable times, like toddlers who always throw a tantrum at the supermarket checkout.

If you focus on when these verbs fail to follow the normal rules, you will be able to use them with ease.

These verbs only “break the rules” in the second and third person singular. Otherwise they are utterly regular, predictable and conformist. They retain the normal endings for regular German verbs; they just have that little vowel mutation in their stem in the second and third person singular.

In English we have a couple of verbs that act like this too. For instance, “I say” becomes “he says” (sez); “I do” becomes “she does” (duz).

Below is a short list of some common verbs that are affected by this little quirk, along with a quiz that will help you to tame them.

Er schläft tief und fest. – He sleeps deeply.

Vowel Change: a becomes ä in…

  • tragen – to wear, to carry (du trägst, er/sie/es trägt)
  • fahren – to drive, to travel (du fährst, er/sie/es fährt)
  • schlafen – to sleep, (du schläfst, er/sie/es schläft)

Vowel Change: e becomes ie in…

  • sehen – to see (du siehst, er/sie sieht)
  • lesen – to read (du liest, er/sie liest)

Vowel Change: e becomes i in…

  • nehmen – to take (du nimmst, er/sie nimmt)
  • helfen – to help (du hilfst, er/sie hilft)
  • essen – to eat (du isst, er/sie isst)
  • sprechen – to speak (du sprichst, er/sie spricht)

For a longer list of the most useful stem-changing verbs, go to this German website. In German, the term for these verbs is Verben mit Vokalwechsel.

You may also like to watch this simple explanation from Deutschlernen mit Heidi on YouTube.

Online Activities

Audio-Quiz: Am Wochenende mache ich gern nichts

Practise conjugating the vowel-changing verbs in a fairly challenging text about a laid-back teenager. The audio is embedded in the quiz and was kindly recorded by Carolina Seez.