Einheit 3: Freunde (Accelerated)

Unit 3: Friends (Accelerated)

Not yet fully updated, booklet yet to be revised (November 2022)


  • die Freundschaft (en) → friendship
  • der Freundeskreis → circle of friends, friendship group
  • der Freund (e) → friend (who is a boy)
  • die Freundin (nen) → friend (who is a girl)

  • Meine Freunde sind mir wichtig. → My friends are important to me.
  • Meine Freunde sind immer für mich da. → My friends are always there for me.
  • Freunde finden → to make friends
  • Du bist ein guter Freund.
  • Du bist eine gute Freundin.

  • die Mannschaft (en) → team, side
  • das Spiel – game
  • Sport macht Spaß. → Sport is fun.

Useful Links

Online Activities

Written by Roslyn Green and recorded by Carolina Seez

Audio Quiz: Bens Katze

Ben’s cat is not just a pet. She is also a friend.

Audio Quiz: Mia findet einen Freund | Mia makes a friend (embedded below)

A very simple quiz in which a young girl welcomes a lonely boy to her country – and makes a friend.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Kahoot: Freunde, Freundinnen, Freundschaft

In this simple Kahoot, useful words for friends, friendship and the characteristics of friends are introduced.

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