Einheit 1: Kleidung

Unit 1: Clothing

This page was updated in September 2022.


Colour-Coded Nouns: Masculine | Feminine | Neuter | Plural

das Hemd (en)

Der Mann trägt ein weißes Hemd. → The man is wearing a white shirt.

• die Schuluniform (en)

Die Schülerin trägt eine Schuluniform mit einem Rock, einem Hemd und einer Krawatte. → The schoolgirl is wearing a school uniform with a skirt, a shirt and a tie.

• der Kapuzenpulli (s)

Der Junge trägt einen schwarzen Kapuzenpulli und sieht cool aus. → The boy is wearing a black hoodie and looks cool.

• das Kleid (er)

Die Frau trägt ein Kleid aus Jeansstoff. → The woman is wearing a dress made of denim.

Useful Links

Online Activities

A Pin and Label Puzzle: Kleidung | Clothing

The pins are colour-coded so that you can learn the genders as well as the names of each piece of clothing: masculine = blue pins; feminine = red pins; neuter = green pins.

By clicking on the ⓘ button on each label, you can also hear the correct pronunciation of each noun.

Click on theon the top left of the quiz screen in order to read through all the vocabulary in the puzzle.

Kahoot: Kleider – Was ist das?

This is a Kahoot that will help you to learn and practise the names of various items of clothing.

Quiz: Adjectives for Describing Clothing

Revise your understanding of German adjectives and use them to describe clothing.

A short audio text that includes many colour adjectives is also embedded in this quiz.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Quiz: Match Items of Clothing with a Description and a Name

Match up the label with the picture. Click on the ⓘ button to hear the name of each item of clothing named.

To make it easier to see all the elements, use the whole screen and zoom out if necessary.

Quiz: Eine typische Familie spricht über Kleidung | A typical family discusses clothing

Alex has a new outfit. His sister is not impressed, his mother is kind and considerate, and his father just wants to read the newspaper.

Click on the on the top left of the quiz screen for help with verb conjugation (sein, mögen, finden) and with the unfamiliar vocabulary in the text.

Audio Quiz: Meine Mutter ist mir peinlich

Kindly recorded by Carolina and Christina Seez

This is a challenging text about a girl going shopping for clothes with her old-fashioned and embarrassing mother. The audio is embedded in the quiz and there are buttons that will help you to decipher the text.

Corresponding handout: harder | Corresponding handout: easier

Audio Quiz with Video: Peppa Wutz kauft neue Schuhe

This is a challenging drag-and-drop quiz with many new words. A transcription of the video is provided in the quiz. Click on the ⓘ buttons to view translations. The video is embedded within the quiz as well as on the left.

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