Deutsches Essen ist lecker

German Food is Delicious

Page updated in October 2022

This audio recording tells the story of Charlotte, who lives in Australia but has experienced German cuisine through her German mother’s cooking and determined shopping expeditions. You can read through the text in a worksheet with exercises and then tackle the audio quiz, both provided below.

Worksheet: Deutsches Essen ist lecker → Text and Exercises 

Recorded by Jana Kühn

Audio Quiz: Deutsches Essen ist lecker

This quiz is based on the recording above. By listening to the text and choosing the correct words for each space, you can train your auditory comprehension and learn more words for German food. Here is a short list inspired by the story and also shown in the picture below:

Ein deutsches Frühstück | A German Breakfast

  • die Marmelade – jam
  • das Müsli – muesli
  • der Orangensaft – orange juice
  • der Zucker – sugar
  • das Brötchen (die Brötchen) – bread roll
  • das Obst – fruit
  • die Rühreier – scrambled eggs
  • die Butter – butter
  • die Wurst (die Würste) – sausage
  • der Speck – bacon
  • der Kaffee – coffee
  • der Toast – toast
  • das Toastbrot – toast

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