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As Nathaniel is a firm believer in sharing, collaboration, adaptation/remix culture, and above all learning, these videos are permitted to be copied and redistributed so long as appropriate credit is given.  More information on this can be found through the link above.
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Past Participles – Regular Verbs

This video explains how to take regular verbs in their infinitive form and transform them into past participles using the ‘ge+stem+t’ recipe.While the video talks about how the ending may or may not be -en, it should be recognised that there are only a handful of verbs which do not have this ending (for example: sein, tun, handeln). It is stressed as there may not be an obvious -en ending to learners, with verbs such as regnen – geregnet. Learners may want to take -nen to be the verb ending rather than part of the stem.

Past Participles – Irregular Verbs

This video explains how irregular verbs cannot use the same ‘recipe’ as regular verbs when forming the past participle, and how to remember whether the auxiliary verb (Hilfsverb)is haben or sein. Using haben when you need sein, and just as commonly the other way around can be difficult when learning German.
Watch the video and find out why you say  “Ich habe das geschrieben” but “Ich bin nach Berlin gefahren”.
Here you will also find a verb list with almost 130 verbs included.

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