Deutsches Essen A-Z

German Food A-Z

This page was constructed in October 2022.

Bildlexikon A-Z | Picture Dictionary A-Z

There are only 21 foods pictured below, not 26. All the same, these options should sustain you for some time. There are several combined forms: for example, die Wurst (sausage) is the basis for die Currywurst (curried sausage); and der Apfel (apple cake) leads naturally to der Apfelkuchen (apple cake).

  • der Apfel (die Äpfel)
  • der Apfelkuchen – apple cake
  • das Brot (e)
  • das Brötchen – bread roll

Image by bennopic from Pixabay

  • die Currywurst – curried sausage

Image by hansiline from Pixabay

  • das Ei (er)
  • das Spiegelei – fried egg, sunny side up
  • das Gemüse (generally used as both a singular and plural form)
  • das Hähnchen – chicken

Image by phuong hoang thuy from Pixabay

  • der Honig (singular only) – honey
  • der Joghurt (s) – yoghurt
  • der Kaffee (usually singular)
  • der Cappuccino (s)
  • der Käse (plural: die Käsesorten) – cheese
  • Note: This is a rare masculine noun ending in an –e

Image by lipefontes0 from Pixabay

  • die Marmelade (n) – jam, spreads made with fruit
  • die Nudeln (usually referred to in plural form)
  • der Nudelsalat – noodle salad
  • die Nudelsuppe – noodle soup
  • das Obst (no plural) – fruit
  • der Quark – a type of soft cheese
  • der Reis (no plural) – rice
  • das Rührei oder die Rühreier – scrambled eggs
  • der Schinken (-) – ham

  • die Schokolade (singular form only) – chocolate
  • der Tee (s) – also: die Teesorten – tea, types of tea
  • die Wurst (plural: die Würste) – sausage
  • die Currrywurst (curried sausage)
  • die Zitrone (n) – lemon

Quizzes and Activities

A Pin and Label Quiz with Speaking Clues: Deutsches Essen A-Z | German Food A-Z

Actually, there isn’t a food for every letter. It was hard to fit 26 pictures on the screen. All the same, this is an easy way to learn many key nouns for food. The pins are colour-coded: masculine | feminine | neuter. So you will learn the genders as well.

Quiz: Ein leckeres Frühstück | A Delicious Breakfast

Match each labelled breakfast food with its German name. Learn the genders as you work.

Gender Check Quiz: Deutsches Essen: Frühstuck | German Food: Breakfast

Can you classify all the German nouns for breakfast foods into the correct gender groups – and reveal the delicious breakfast underneath the puzzle pieces?

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