Simple Classroom Posters: The Four Cases

Published by Roslyn Green in May 2023

These little posters are free for teachers to download and use, like all the other materials on this blog. They contain only public domain images. It should be possible to print them in either A3 or A2 size. The main tenses used are the present and the perfect, since these are the ones most commonly taught in the junior years of high school.

Nelson Nominativ

Nena Nominativ

This poster offers simpler language than in “Nelson Nominativ” above.

Angela Akkusativ

Alexander Akkusativ

This poster offers simpler language than in “Angela Akkusativ” above.

Dietrich Dativ

Daniel Dativ

This poster offers simpler language and a less distressing theme than in the “Dietrich Dativ” poster above.

Greta Genitiv

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