Rock and Alternative

As you will probably notice, this particular grouping of genres is used fairly loosely. So many bands cross over genres as ‘pop-rock’, ‘indie-rock’, ‘alternative’, ‘light-rock’, and so on. Bands themselves are often hesitant to even use these kinds of labels. Here you’ll find a mixture of bands and musicians, all of which in some way have that ‘rock’ or ‘alternative’ sound we’ve come to know.

Schrottgrenze – Zeitmaschinen


Revolverheld – Lass Uns Gehen


 AnnenMayKantereit – Oft Gefragt


Jennifer Rostock – Taubenaus Porzellan 

Jennifer Rostock is described as a mix between pop, rock, punk, and alternative. The song style changes from song to song. Check out the metal, heavy, and alternative section to find a different sound from the band to compare.

Immergrün – Nie im Leben


 Bakkushan – Alles war aus Gold

David Bowie – Helden (German recorded version of heroes)
Original English recording here

Till Lindemann and Apocalyptica  – Helden (David Bowie Cover)

The recognisable voice is that of Till Lindemann, Rammstein’s frontman
 Wir sind Helden – Nur ein Wort

 3A – Sind wir Freunde

Juli – Dieses Leben

Lyrics – Deutsch + Englisch
Step into German – Arbeitsblatt (B1)
 Madsen – Die Perfektion

3A – Parallel 

 Fotos – Angst
Schrottgrenze – Schwärze

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