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Bildlexikon | Picture Dictionary

Colour Coding of Nouns: Masculine | Feminine | Neuter | Plural

  • die Abholzung – deforestation
  • Bäume abholzen – cut down or clear trees

Image by Picography from Pixabay

  • Bäume pflanzen und schützen – plant and protect trees
  • Bodenerosion verursachen / vermeiden – cause / avoid soil erosion

Image by Nicole from Pixabay

  • die CO2-Konzentration in der Atmosphäre reduzieren – reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere

Image by Pixource from Pixabay

  • die Dürre
  • Dürren nehmen zu – droughts become worse or occur more often

Image by Luis Iranzo Navarro-Olivares from Pixabay

  • Energie sparen – save energy
  • den Energieverbrauch reduzieren
  • erneuerbare Energien fördern – foster / promote renewable energies
  • die globale Erwärmung – global warming

Image by PIRO from Pixabay

  • das Fleisch
  • kein / weniger Fleisch essen – eat no meat / less meat

Image by Uwe Ruhrmann from Pixabay

  • die Gefahr
  • Der Klimawandel ist eine Gefahr für die Menschheit. – Climate change is a danger for humanity.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

  • die Heizung
  • das Haus so effizient wie möglich heizen – heat the house as efficiently as possible

Image by Etadly from Pixabay

  • der Jutebeutel – jute bag (the picture above shows a 40-year-old slogan to reduce plastic use)
  • die Jutetasche, Stofftasche – jute or cloth bag

Adrian MichaelCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  • der Klimawandel oder die Klimaveränderung – climate change
  • gegen den Klimawandel kämpfen – fight against climate change

Image by Patou Ricard from Pixabay

  • die Luftverschmutzung air pollution
  • die Luft mit Abgasen verschmutzen – pollute the air with waste or exhaust gases

Image by alvpics from Pixabay

  • die Mülltrennung – waste separation / sorting
  • den Müll trennen – separate or sort waste
  • mehr / weniger Müll produzieren – produce more / less rubbish

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

  • Naturkatastrophen vorbeugen – prevent or take precautions against natural catastrophes
  • die Nachhaltigkeit – sustainability

Image by Hans from Pixabay

  • das Ozonloch – hole in the ozone layer
  • Ökosysteme schützen/zerstören – protect/destroy ecosystems

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

  • die Plastikflasche – plastic bottle
  • die Plastiktüteplastic bag
  • Plastik vermeiden – avoid plastic

Image by 💙♡🌼♡💙 Julita 💙♡🌼♡💙 from Pixabay

  • die Regenwälder schützen – protect the rainforests
  • Die Regenwälder produzieren eine Menge Sauerstoff. – The rainforests produce a great deal of oxygen.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

  • Strom sparen – save electricity
  • der Sauerstoff
  • Sauerstoff ist lebensnotwendig. – Oxygen is essential to life.

Image by PIRO from Pixabay

  • bedrohte Tierarten schützen – protect endangered species
  • Treibhausgase emittieren / reduzieren – emit / reduce greenhouse gases

Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

  • die Überschwemmung – flood
  • die Überbevölkerung – over-population

Image by sweetreilly0 from Pixabay

  • die Vielfalt der Natur für kommende Generationen bewahren – preserve the diversity of nature for future generations
  • die Verpackung – packaging

Image by Myléne from Pixabay

  • die Wiederverwendung, die Wiederverwertung – reusing and recycling
  • der Welthunger – world hunger
  • die Wüstenbildung – desertification

Image by Wälz from Pixabay

  • Die Zeit ist knapp. Wir müssen handeln. – The time is short. We must act.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Quizzes and Activities

Puzzle: Umweltfreundlich oder umweltfeindlich? | Protective or harmful to the environment?

Classify each action according to its likely impact on the environment. Reveal the picture under the puzzle.

Quiz: Umweltfreundlich oder nicht? | Environmentally friendly or not?

Learn important verbs for talking about the environment and determine which actions are environmentally friendly and which might lead to negative impacts in the long term.

Kahoot: Die Umwelt

Players are asked to choose between options that are friendly to the environment and actions that might lead to harm. The vocabulary is summarised in the two pages buttoned below.

Match Pins and Labels: Umweltschutz: Haushalt, Stadt, Welt | Protecting the Environment: Household, City, World

This quiz is quite difficult even though it is full of pictures. Click on the for translations of all the phrasing. Each picture must be matched with a phrase about taking environmentally friendly action.

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