Einheit 4: In der Schule 🏫

Page updated in August 2022

Unit 4: At School

In this unit, the key vocabulary includes your feelings about school as well as the names of school subjects and equipment. You will discover various ways of describing what you most like doing at school – and of course what you most dislike as well.

Once you have completed this unit, you can also try the quizzes on the School Quizzes page.

Useful Links

Online Activities

Speaking Flippity Flashcards: Schulsachen – School Stuff

Use these cards to learn and revise the key vocabulary, then click on “Matching” (top right) to play the dangerously addictive Matching Game.

Flippity Bingo Board with Pictures

This link loads an ever-changing board of the vocabulary pictures in the Flippity vocabulary cards. You can play a Bingo game with your teacher, or revise the vocabulary with a parent or friend by saying “Das ist ein Mäppchen” or “Das ist eine Brille” as you point to each picture.

A Fill the Blank Quiz: At School: General School Vocabulary

Apply your knowledge of school vocabulary in a range of sentences about school life, subjects, opinions and stationery.

Multiple Choice Quiz: Attitudes to School Subjects

Multiple Choice Quiz: Ein Schultag | A School Day

The alarm clock rings and the day begins. Experience a school day in German.

A Pin and Label Quiz with Talking Clues

This quiz is embedded below ↓. It is based on the picture on the front page of the unit booklet. The pins are colour coded: masculine, feminine and neuter. Just click on the pins below to begin labelling. Click on the  buttons on each label to hear a description in German.

Crossword: German Words for the Classroom 

This crossword is embedded below ↓. The clues are in German, so this is quite a difficult puzzle, but you can click on the light globe on the top left of the screen to consult the Word List.

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