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Page created in September 2022

Tackle these quizzes to widen your vocabulary and hone your hearing comprehension. Each quiz has the audio embedded within the quiz and usually on this page as well. You can read the text as you listen and either choose the correct word for the blanks or drag and drop words and phrases.

I’m still adding quizzes to this page.

Audio Quiz: Die Adventszeit

Two brothers prepare for Christmas and the festive season. This quiz would be appropriate for independent students who have been learning for a year or two.

Audio Quiz: Mia findet einen Freund | Mia makes a friend

A very simple quiz in which a young girl welcomes a lonely boy to her country – and makes a friend. For beginners.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Audio Quiz: Mia: Eine vergessliche Schülerin | A Forgetful Student

This is a challenging text for beginners. Listen to the audio embedded in the quiz and fill in the blanks in the text as you listen.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Audio Quiz: Sara will eine Ratte als Haustier | Sara Wants a Rat for a Pet

This is quite a simple text for relative beginners. It is a true story based on my own daughter’s desire to have a rat as a pet. In the end she managed to talk me round and her rats are pictured on the left. They were adorable little rats, I have to admit. The audio is embedded in the quiz.

This text was both written and recorded by Diana Bösel and Cheryl Blessing.

Audio Quiz: Erzähl mir von deiner Familie | Tell me about your family

You can read the text by clicking on the quiz link above.

Note: This text was recorded for the blog by two lovely young teachers from Germany. Thank you, Diana and Cheryl.

Audio Quiz: Am Wochenende mache ich gern nichts | On the weekend I like to do nothing

This quiz provides practice with hearing and conjugating the vowel-changing verbs – and with talking about a lazy weekend.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Audio Quiz: Ein typischer Tag | A Typical Day

A student describes a challenging weekday and all the heartless demands made upon her by her teachers and her mother.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Audio Quiz: Gestern war wirklich ein anstrengender Tag

This is a similar text to the one above, but it has been written in the perfect tense instead. Your task is to fill in the required conjugated auxiliary verbs and past participles.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Audio Quiz: Auf Klassenfahrt | Off on a School Trip

Learn the German words for spending time with friends, sitting around a campfire, and tackling a high ropes course.

Kindly recorded by Maxi Gürlich

Audio Quiz: Viele Liebesgeschichten | Many Love Stories

This quiz is based on a story about many types of love. I wrote it before the right to homosexual marriage was introduced in both Germany and Australia in 2017. So this text serves in a way as a reminder that such rights have only recently been won and in many countries still need to be introduced or protected.

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