Einheit 2: Über mich (Accelerated)

Unit 2: About Me (Accelerated)

This page was updated in October 2022.


  • sprechen – to speak
    • Ich spreche Englisch und ein bisschen Deutsch. → I speak English and a little bit of German.
    • Meine Eltern sprechen Chinesisch. → My parents speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

  • wohnen – to live, inhabit
    • Wo wohnst du? → Where do you live?
    • Ich wohne in Melbourne, aber meine Familie kommt aus Neuseeland. → I live in Melbourne, but my family comes from New Zealand.

  • finden – to find, to think
    • Ich finde meine Mutter streng, aber gerecht. → I find my mother strict but fair.
    • Wie findest du unsere neue Lehrerin? → What do you think of our new teacher?

  • kommen – to come
    • Woher kommst du? → Where do you come from?
    • Ich komme aus Australien, aber meine Eltern kommen aus Malaysia.

Useful Links

Online Activities

Quiz: The W Question Words: Match Answers with Questions

Find the question that matches the answer given and match up the W question words in German with their English counterparts.

Audio Quiz: Guten Tag! Ich heiße Pierre

This quiz is based the text on page 2 of the unit booklet. The audio, which is embedded in the quiz, was kindly recorded by Nathaniel Smith.

Audio Quiz: Guten Tag! Ich heiße Jasmine

This quiz is based on the text on page 5 of the unit booklet. The audio, which is embedded in the quiz, was kindly recorded by Linda Manteufel.

Audio Quiz: Five Children Introduce Themselves

This quiz provides five very short audio texts and the corresponding wording, based on pages 6 and 12 of the unit booklet. Fill the blanks by selecting the missing verbs in each text. Translations for more difficult wording are provided. The texts were kindly recorded by Linda Manteuffel and Nathaniel Smith.

Kahoot: Mein Steckbrief

The word “Steckbrief” refers to a “wanted” poster, but in this context it means a profile: name, age, family, origins, language, pets, etc.

Quiz: The Conjugation of Regular Verbs

Revise the pattern of regular verb conjugation and practise selecting the correct conjugation in several simple sentences.

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