Disney and Animation

I have always found Disney films, and animation in general, to be a brilliant way of learning languages. I find it fascinating and love speaking to classes about the challenges faced in producing such films. It shows students the problem we encounter in translation of meaning, as well as cultural translation, only made even more difficult by having to keep pre-set mouth movements in mind during this whole process!
In particular, films such as those below also appeal to our musical sides. If animation has proven anything it is that time and time again these films are truly for everyone. This makes them ideal for language learning, not only for their beautiful stories and animation, but their availability across the world. They can be common point of reference for students and teachers alike, which bring up many of the beauties and challenges of language learning.

 Die Eiskönigin (Frozen) – Lass jetzt los (Let it go) [Sing-along version]

Arielle, die Meerjungfrau (The Little Mermaid)  – Unter dem Meer (Under the Sea)

Mulan – Sei ein Mann (I’ll make a man out of you)


 Pocahontas –  Farbenspiel des Winds (Colours of the Wind)
 Der König der Löwen (The Lion King) – Hakuna Matata
 Hercules – Ich will keinen Mann (I won’t say I’m in Love)

Unfortunately this clip is not currently on YouTube in a quality higher than 240p.
 Der König der Löwen (The Lion King) – Seid bereit (Be prepared)

 The Nightmare Before Christmas – Hier in Halloween (This is Halloween)

Anastasia – Es war einmal im Dezember (Once upon a December)

The scene from the movie is not currently on YouTube, however this version has a decent quality of audio and on-screen lyrics.
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