Metal, Heavy, and Industrial

Subway to Sally – Schneekönigin


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Friede sei mit dir


Jennifer Rostock – Kaleidoskop

Jennifer Rostock is described as a mix between pop, rock, punk, and alternative. The song style changes from song to song, however this particular clip has ended up in the ‘metal, heavy, and industrial’ section due to the heavier sound they bring to Kaleidoskop. Have a listen to other songs by Jennifer Rostock to compare.
Rammstein – Du hast
 Eisbrecher – Ohne dich

Unheilig – Zeit zu gehen
 Rammstein – Ich tu dir weh
Language and Content Warning
 Oompf! – Augen auf
Eisbrecher – Kein Mittleid

Language and Content Warning
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