Hip Hop, Rap, and Spoken Word

While there is a huge scene of German rap, hip hop, and spoken word artists this list is comparatively tame. It can be difficult to find artists who do not use language or topics which can be considered ‘inappropriate’. Of course, this is also just another part of authentic and natural language use, in all of its forms.
A few clips carry language and content warnings as they are not appropriate for a general audience. 

 Cro – Traum


eRRdeKa – Schwarz Weiss

Song with on-screen lyrics

 Peter Fox -Schwarz zu Blau

 Die Fantastischen Vier – MfG (mit freundlichen Grüßen)

This song covers the German phenomenon (some may say obsession) with Abkürzungen (abbreviations). For those of you playing at home, the abbreviation for Abkürzung is Abk!

Vist & Silv-R – Unverstanden


Antilopen Gang – Outlaws

Mild Language Warning

Namika – Na-Mi-Ka


 Cro – Intro

Mild Language Warning
 Blumio – Hey Mr. Nazi

Mild Language Warning
A very interesting spoken word piece about modern racism.


Holger Burner – Wunderschöne Welt

 Mild Language and Content Warning

Peter Fox – Alles Neu

 Eko Fresh – Köln Kalk Ehrenmord

Language and Content Warning
A thought provoking take on the series of ‘honour-killings’ which were in the news in Germany and other parts of Europe over the past few years.

Marteria – Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)

Mild Language and Content Warning

 eRRdeKa – Paradies
Language Warning
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