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Page updated in September 2022

Audio Quiz: Ben hat ein Haustier

Ben’s cat is not just a pet. She is also a friend.

A very short cat story, kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Quiz: Die Namen der Tiere 🔵 🔴 🟢

The pins are colour-coded so that you learn the genders along with the names.


  • Masculine Nouns 🔵
    • der Frosch – frog
    • der Hund – dog
    • der Löwe – lion
    • der Marienkäfer – ladybird / ladybug
    • der Papagei – parrot
    • der Schmetterling – butterfly
  • Feminine Nouns 🔴
    • die Biene – bee
    • die Eidechse – lizard
    • die Katze – cat
    • die Kuh – cow
    • die Maus – mouse
    • die Schlange – snake
    • die Ziege – goat
  • Neuter Nouns 🟢
    • das Huhn – hen
    • das Kamel – camel
    • das Meerschweinchen
    • das Pferd – horse
    • das Schaf – sheep
    • das Schwein – pig

Crossword: Die Namen der Tiere | The Names of the Animals

All the animal names in this puzzle are listed alphabetically in the help section, which you can access by clicking on the . Each clue has a first letter hint.

Crossword: Animal Names with German Descriptions and Pictures

Learn or revise the names of animals in German.

A Fill the Blank Quiz: Sara möchte eine Ratte als Haustier

Sara wants a rat for a pet, but her family already has a cat.

This is a true story in German based on my daughter’s childhood.

Multiple Choice Quiz: Tiere und Tierkinder

Learn the names for animals and their young in German, as well as some terms for animal groups, such as marsupials (Beuteltiere), mammals (Säugetiere) and reptiles (Kriechtiere).

Match Pin and Label Quiz: Körperteile von Tieren auf Deutsch

This quiz will help you to learn the names of animal body parts in German. After completing it, you’ll be able to say “curly tail”, “whiskers”, “udder” and “mane” in German. You’ll be ready to book a farm stay in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Audio Quiz: Doktor Tierlieb ist ein Doktor für Tiere

Doctor Tierlieb loves animals. Sometimes he just can’t say no to them.

Corresponding worksheet

Co-written by Jana Kühn and Roslyn Green, this is a story with audio and a matching fill the gap quiz.

Kindly recorded by Rika Gemenetzi

Multiple Choice Quiz: Tierische Ausdrücke auf Deutsch | Animal Expressions in German

This quiz is for intermediate to advanced learners or adventurous beginners. The questions are all in German, but the help section (click on the ) provides English translations.

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