Einheit: Hobbys und Freizeit

Unit of Work: Hobbies and Leisure


  • gehen – to go (in this example, conjugated)
  • joggen – to jog (in this example, the infinitive goes to end)
    • Ich gehe gern joggen. – I like going jogging.

  • fern/sehen – to watch television
  • This is a separable verb with an added complication: sehen is also a vowel-changer.
    • Sie sehen gern fern. – They like watching TV.
    • Siehst du gern fern? – Do you like watching TV?

Unit Booklet

Online Activities

Crossword: Hobbys und Freizeit | Hobbies and Leisure

This crossword takes you through all sorts of hobbies, with pictures for each one and a lightbulb to click on for help.

Audio Quiz: Am Wochenende mache ich gern nichts | On the weekend I like to do nothing

This quiz provides practice with identifying and conjugating the vowel-changing verbs – and with talking about a lazy weekend.

Kindly recorded by Carolina Seez

Conjugation Quiz: Am Wochenende mache ich gern nichts

Fill in the missing verbs and practise identifying the vowel-changing verbs.

Quiz: Hobbys und Freizeit | Hobbies and Leisure

Through this quiz you can revise wording for hobbies and leisure activities. There is also a question in which you can practise the conjugation of können (can, to be able to).

Audio Quiz: Kimberleys Hobbys | Kimberley’s Hobbies

One of my most memorable accelerated students, Kimberley, wrote this text after less than one year of learning German. This quiz includes her text, audio and some very simple questions.

Recorded by Carolina Seez


Audio Quiz: Charlottes Familie, Hobbys und Interessen | Charlotte’s Family, Hobbies and Interests

Charlotte grew up in Australia, but she always speaks German with her mother, so she is completely bilingual.

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