A German Starter Unit

Published in January 2023 by Roslyn Green

Ich lerne Deutsch 🖤❤️💛 I am learning German 🥨

This is a unit of work for beginner learners who are starting high school German. I wrote it in 2017 and updated it in 2022, improving the downloadable unit booklet and adding two quizzes and a Kahoot. The audio files were kindly recorded by Anthony Jäckisch, a gifted and charismatic young teacher with a melodious voice.

For fast learners, there is a more challenging version of this unit on this page, which also provides additional quizzes and activities on the conjugation of sein – to be and haben – to have.

All the very best from Roslyn Green

A tribute to Jacinda Ardern, a woman of integrity, honour and kindness: It has been a pure pleasure to live in a nearby country while Jacinda Ardern was the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I always hoped that her empathy, decency and humanity would rub off on our politicians in Australia. I wish her the very best for the next phase of her life.

Useful Links and Booklet 

Online Activities

Quick Introductory Quiz

The list of essential words in the table below will help you to complete the quiz.

Masculine NounsFeminine NounsNeuter Nouns
der Lehrer – male teacherdie Lehrerin – female teacherdas Buch – book
der Mann – mandie Frau – womandas Handy – mobile
der Junge – boydie Schule – schooldas Mädchen – girl
der Hund – dogdie Katze – cat
der Freund – frienddie Freundin – friend

Audio 1: Short text from page 4 of unit booklet

Hallo! – Guten Tag! – Ich heiße Finn.

This audio was kindly recorded by Anthony Jäckisch.

Audio 2: Short text from page 9 of unit booklet

Ben: Hallo! Wie heißt du?
Mia: Ich heiße Mia. Und du?

This audio was kindly recorded by Anthony Jäckisch.

Kahoot: Introduction to German

This quiz can be played with your class or in a small group of friends. It includes introductory questions about noun genders, German numbers and simple introductory sentences.

Revision Quiz Based on This Unit

This quiz provides practice with essential nouns, the concept of gender, subject pronouns and the conjugation of sein – to be. The last question includes a simple audio text with a fill-the-blank exercise.

Embedded below ↓

Einheit: Weihnachten 🎄

Published by Roslyn Green in November 2022

Unit: Christmas

Bildlexikon: Weihnachten

  • das Geschenk → present, gift
  • die Bescherung → the present-opening
    • Wann ist bei euch Bescherung? → When do you open your Christmas presents?

  • der Weihnachtsbaum → Christmas tree
  • den Weihnachtsbaum schmücken → to decorate the Christmas tree

  • die Weihnachtskugel oder die Kugel → bauble
    • Wir haben den Weihnachtsbaum mit Kugeln geschmückt. → We’ve decorated the Christmas tree with baubles.

  • der Nikolaustag
    • Am Nikolaustag stellen die Kinder ihre Schuhe vor die Tür. → On St Nicholas’ Day, the children put their shoes in front of their house door.

Useful Links

Online Activities

Match the Pin and Label Puzzle

The pins are based on the gender of the noun: blue for masculine nouns; red for feminine nouns; green for neuter nouns. Click on the ⓘ symbol on each label to hear the noun pronounced. For English translations of each expression, click on the lightbulb .

Kahoot: Weihnachten

This Kahoot is based on the vocabulary on pages 2-4 of the unit booklet. The quiz is entirely in German, but most of the questions are quite simple.

Quizizz: Mein Wunschzettel paper version on right

This quiz focuses on the correct accusative endings after sentence starts such as:

  • Zu Weihnachten wünsche ich mir…
  • Ich hätte gern…

A Word and Picture Quiz

This quiz provides many pictures to help you recall the Christmas-based vocabulary. It has some more challenging questions towards the end but there are several ⓘ symbols with translations.

Download PDF of Completed Quiz

Worksheet in PDF form: Weihnachten

This handout is based on a very simplified version of Annik Rubens’ excellent description of Christmas in Germany, which is embedded on the left.

You can read the full text of this podcast episode here .

This game is best printed on an A3 piece of paper for each group of 2-3 students.

This is a set of more detailed instructions for students who can handle a range of sentences and are fairly independent.

A Christmas Board Game

Students can play this game with dice and buttons. Wherever they land, they must try to make up a sentence using the infinitive expression on that square.

Another option could be for the first student to ask a question based on that square’s expression. The second student could answer the question.