About German Island

Message from Roslyn Green

This blog provides free resources for learners and teachers of German.

The name “German Island” is based on the German word Sprachinsel, or language island. The term refers to an area where a different language is spoken from the one that dominates the surrounding region.

I originally developed this blog on the Victorian Education Department’s Global2 platform, starting in October 2012. When the Department discontinued the platform at the end of 2020, I transferred the blog to the Edublogs platform with the help and support of Jana Kühn. The people at Edublogs were very helpful in this process.

Since then, I have retired from teaching, but I have completely reconstructed the blog and begun to publish a post each week. The related podcast can be found here on Podbean or by searching for German Island on Apple or your preferred podcast platform.

I live on the land of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nation.

All the very best from Roslyn Green 🦘❤️

Message from Nathaniel Smith

My name is Nathaniel Smith and I am a German and History teacher at Box Hill High School. I am very pleased that Roslyn Green has included me in German Island, and I hope that my contributions benefit students and teachers alike. I am passionate about language learning and linguistics, technology, games and coffee! You can find me on Twitter as @Herr_Smith.

Hallo, ich heiße Nathaniel Smith. Ich bin Lehrer an der Box Hill High School. Vielen Dank an Roslyn Green für die Einladung. Ich freue mich auf die Möglichkeit Blogmitarbeiter zu sein! Ich interessiere mich für Sprachen, Sprachwissenschaft, Technologie, Videospiele und Kaffee! Twitter: @Herr_Smith

July, 2015